If you are considering knee replacement, a robotic-assisted knee replacement surgery may sound like something from the future. However, robotic knee replacement surgeries have gained popularity over the past several years since they offer several potential benefits. At Quinby Orthopedics, Dr. Quinby performs robotic knee replacement surgery to ensure the greatest precision and the optimal outcomes for his patients.

What is Robotic Surgery?

In a specialized surgical suite, Dr. Quinby uses a high-tech computer console and imaging guidance system to mime the movements of the surgery. Those movements are translated by the computer into microscopic, precise movements that guide the tools of the robotic arm. The surgery is much more precise through this method, disturbing less of the existing bone structure and tissue. The placement of the new components can be guided with precision to achieve better positioning, increased stability and improved mobility as the potential outcome.1

Who is a Good Candidate for Robotic Surgery?

“Almost all patients are good candidates for robotic-assisted surgery which is a minimally-invasive surgical technique. If you are considering having a knee replacement, you are likely a good candidate for robotic knee replacement surgery,” says Dr. Quinby.

What Will Knee Surgery Be Like?

Benefits of robotic knee surgery include more precise placement of the new knee and a shorter recovery time. Since the robotic arm translates movements with pinpoint accuracy, the patient’s incision is typically shorter and more cosmetic. A shorter incision means less invasive which allows postoperative maintenance of muscle function. A stronger muscle means a quicker rehab and less pain after surgery.2

“After a robotic-assisted knee replacement surgery, my patients often enjoy a relatively short recovery,” said Dr. Quinby. “Our team will get you moving on the day of surgery to prevent stiffness and reduce the length of time for rehab. It’s one of the greatest things about robotic knee surgery. We get you back to work and what you enjoy doing more quickly.”

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