When you have strained your back or you are experiencing back pain, it can be a debilitating condition. Whether your back pain is a dull ache, a stabbing pain or a throbbing pain whenever you move, it’s natural to want a quick fix. But sometimes, the road back to pain-free living takes time and individualized treatment. At Quinby Orthopedics of Rockwall, Dr. Scott Quinby is experienced in diagnosing all kinds of back pain and can develop a treatment plan that’s right for you.

Back Pain Diagnosis

When diagnosing back pain, Dr. Quinby will examine your range-of-motion and get an idea of how much pain you are experiencing and what activities make it better or worse. He may run some tests such as an MRI, X-Ray, CT scan or nerve tests.

Treatment Option 1: Rest and Over-the-Counter Meds

“Many kinds of back strain can go away on its own if given time and rest,” said Dr. Quinby. “For pain control, over-the-counter meds such as ibuprofen or Aleve® might help. Prescription muscle relaxants may also provide pain relief. Heat and ice can reduce swelling and pain. Finally, topical pain relievers in the form of creams or CBD oils also help. If you can, cease most or all physical activity that is causing you pain and allow your back a chance to recover.”

Treatment Option 2: Physical Therapy

Stretching may relieve back pain and is an important first step in recovery. Once the worst of the pain is past, it’s time to start rebuilding muscles to support your back and to keep it from becoming strained again. A stronger core, including abdominal strength, can provide spine support to help prevent more back injuries in the future.1 Physical therapy can help with this.

Treatment Option 3: Nonsurgical Procedures

Steroids can provide anti-inflammatory benefits. An epidural steroid injection places a cortisone-like drug near the nerve, providing pain relief in some patients.2

Treatment Option 4: Surgical Procedures

If your pain is caused by a spinal condition, surgery may be required to help relieve chronic back pain. Depending on your condition, a minimally-invasive procedure may be the treatment that can offer you the best outcome.3 Other kinds of procedures, such as a spinal fusion, can help relieve chronic back pain caused by structural problems. Minimally-invasive procedures will always be considered first when determining a treatment plan for your back pain. Dr. Quinby works with spine surgeons who can provide consultations for possible surgery.

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If you are experiencing back pain with gait problems, bladder control loss, bowel control loss, fever, redness, or weakness in limbs, call us immediately at Quinby Orthopedics of Rockwall @ 469-929-0615. This could be an urgent medical condition.4

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