All parents know children can be very accident-prone and are always getting bumps and bruises. But how do you know if your child has a broken bone or another serious injury? Sometimes as a parent it can be hard to tell if your child’s injury is something that needs additional care. When is a doctor’s visit needed for a pediatric injury and how do you know if you need to see an orthopedic surgeon?

Broken bones can happen as a result of falls, sports injuries, or other trauma. Here are a few symptoms Dr. Quinby, an orthopedic surgeon in Rockwall, Texas, says to pay extra attention to if your child becomes injured.

child has a broken bone laying on ground

How do you know if your child has a broken bone? Photo by yang miao on Unsplash


1. Sudden and Severe Pain

If there is sudden and/or severe pain, especially after a fall or some other traumatic event, this is an indicator that the injury may be serious. If the pain cannot be controlled with rest, ice, and pain medication, your child should be evaluated for broken bones and other injuries.


2. Limited Range of Motion or Unable to Bear Weight

Pay special attention if your child refuses or is unable to move the affected area, especially after a few minutes have passed since the injury has occurred. If your child cannot straighten or rotate a limb, or bear weight when walking, you should get the injury checked out right away. Do not force them to move the injured limb or walk on the injured leg, as this could make the injury worse.


3. Swelling or Numbness

Swelling is common in many types of injuries. It often occurs with broken bones as fluids and blood leak into the soft tissues surrounding the broken bone. The more severe the swelling (especially feeling hard to the touch), the more likely it is that there is a significant injury. Numbness or a tingling sensation is also an indicator to seek medical attention as soon as possible.


4. Injured Area Appears Deformed

Examine the injury area visually. If you see a bump near the area of injury, the area appears crooked, or the general shape of the limb otherwise appears different from normal, this may indicate your child has a broken bone.


Don’t Delay Treatment if You Suspect Your Child Has a Broken Bone

Children’s bones require special care. Children are still growing, which means that they can injure their growth plate which can have serious consequences if it is not treated properly. Children’s bones also heal quickly, so delaying treatment can be detrimental to your child’s healing process. Make an appointment as soon as you suspect your child has a broken bone. Even if the bone is not broken, there may be a joint injury like a soft tissue tear such as a shoulder dislocation or a knee ACL tear which also needs care sooner rather than later. A pediatric orthopedic surgeon can discuss all your treatment options with you and help you know what to expect.


Pediatric Orthopedic Injury Treatment in Rockwall and Heath, TX.

Dr. Quinby is ready to help your child with their broken bones and other orthopedic injuries. Quinby Orthopedics of Rockwall will treat your child with care, compassion, and help alleviate their fears along the way. Dr. Quinby gets injured kids and adults seen within 24-48 hours to get treatment started right away. He is also popular in the area for taking after-hour calls for emergencies. Dr. Quinby has over twenty years of experience treating children and knows how to help get your child back to doing what they do best: play. Call 469.929.0615 to schedule an appointment or send us a message here.

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