There are many factors to consider when choosing an orthopedic surgeon, and one you may not have thought about yet is the benefits of a smaller orthopedic practice rather than a large group. Providers like Dr. Quinby at Quinby Orthopedics of Rockwall have seen how all types of offices run and operate and can explain the differences you will see. In a smaller orthopedic practice, the benefits can be summed up into three categories: shorter wait times, more personalized care, and understanding the community you live in.

Shorter Wait Times

The last thing a patient wants when they are uncomfortable or in pain is a long wait time. Quinby Orthopedics works with each patient to book appointments in a timely manner and will work you in to see Dr. Quinby as soon as possible, especially if your symptoms are serious. Doctors in smaller practices often have fewer meetings and administrative demands on their time, leaving more time for patient care.

The office staff also have fewer demands on their time, meaning you will not have to wait on hold for endless amounts of time listening to elevator music. You will get to talk to a real person who listens to you and understands your concerns. Excellent patient care and satisfaction are a top priority which is one of the benefits of a smaller orthopedic practice.

benefits of a smaller orthopedic practice doctor high five with child

The benefits of a smaller orthopedic practice mean closer relationships between patients and doctors and more personalized care.

More Personalized Care

At smaller practices, there is often more flexibility to take the time to get a fuller picture of the patient’s problem and gather all the necessary details to create a customized treatment plan. Each patient is truly an individual. Doctors in smaller practices are more likely to retain control over their patient care plans and referrals based on what is truly best for the patient versus what large group practices have as their default options based on their group or network policies. This enables patients to build stronger relationships with their providers which can lead to better tracking and monitoring of symptoms.

A study showed that practices with one to two doctors have thirty-three percent fewer preventable hospital admissions than larger practices. The care given at Quinby Orthopedics is truly about quality, not quantity. You will not feel like just another number who is being shuffled around and pushed through a revolving door. We will remember your name.

A Part of Your Community

Smaller orthopedic practices care about the community they are in because they are truly a part of it. In many cases, doctors and staff have lived in the area for quite some time and are familiar with the ins and outs of living there. Being a part of your community means you can ask your local friends and family about their experience with the practice.

Smaller practices in your community understand the unique benefits and challenges you may face living with your symptoms or orthopedic injuries, like what activities may be impacted and what accommodations will need to be made. Quinby Orthopedics cares about the well-being of all in the community and strives to give back through sharing helpful health information on our blog so we can grow together for years to come.


The Benefits of a Smaller Orthopedic Practice in Rockwall and Heath, TX.

Dr. Quinby of Quinby Orthopedics of Rockwall is a board-certified physician in orthopedic surgery and orthopedics sports medicine and here to assist you with any of your orthopedic needs, from arthritis to back pain to sports injuries and any other bone or joint problems you might have. Quinby Orthopedics of Rockwall will take the time to get to know each patient and their history well enough to determine the absolute best treatment plan for their condition. We will be happy to show you the benefits of a smaller orthopedic practice. Call 469.929.0615 to schedule an appointment or send us a message here.