You Might Be Down But You’re Not Out

Your teenage years are some of the best and most pivotal of your life. It’s a time for growing, experiencing life, and learning resolve and resilience through facing challenges. We know how frustrating it is when an injury takes you out of the game and we know the fear that comes from worrying if you can get back in the game. We know this because we ourselves have been there. You belong in the game and we’ll get you back in it.

A Focus On Sports Medicine

Sports medicine is our specialty and when combined with 20+ years of experience treating Division 1 athletes and high school athletes we are ready to treat you. While there are many common injuries associated with sports medicine you yourself are unique. We take into account your unique circumstances and combine that with best practices in treating sports medicine injuries with out 20+ years of experience to create a customized plan that will get you back in the game as quickly and safely as possible.

Our Sports Medicine Treatment Approach
Your Unique Injury + Best Practices + 20 years of experience + Latest Techniques + Cutting Edge Technologies = Customized Treatment Plan for Success

Message from J. Scott Quinby MD.

We Texas are a determined bunch that sets ambitious goals, trains hard, and plays hard. This spirit is thoroughly embodied in our kids when it comes to athletics. It can be very frustrating to train so hard for many years only to be sidelined by an injury. There are many questions that come up regarding what the injury means for continued athletic success. We understand these concerns and others like them. I take the time to understand what each of my teenage/adolescent patients and their guardians want, and then we work together to form a plan. Ultimately, our goal is to quickly and safely get you back in the game.

How We Treat Teens & Adolescents


Damage Analysis

Once you book an appointment we will meet to discuss the situation, perform the necessary tests, and book any additional tests required to fully understand the complete nature of the problem.

Discuss Options & Form a Care Plan

We meet with you to discuss the situation, and then we present various care plans. You can ask whatever questions you like, and then as a team we form a care plan.


We then swiftly act on the plan to ensure you can get on with a speedy and safe recovery.

Common Problems Seen & Treated

ACL Repair

The most common knee injury we see as a result of football, soccer, cheerleading, etc is a tear in the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) which is a key ligament that helps stabilize your knee. These tears are often the result of a sudden stops or changes in direction.


We see an array of fractures, but we see larger volumes of fractures around the ankles, wrists, and forearms. These issues are often a result of contact sports or cheerleading incidents.

Shoulder & Elbow Issues

We see a variety of patients with injuries to the shoulder and elbow joints. Sports such as volleyball and baseball are common culprits when it comes to injuring these areas of the body, and we’re well suited to take care of you.

Arthritis in Teens

Arthritis is not exclusive to older adults. Unfortunately, adolescents and teenages can experience arthritis as well, and it can significantly restrict their experiences. We aim to help treat and alleviate arthritis in our younger patients so they can fully experience living and growing.

experience matters

Teens & Adolescents Treated

Knees Repaired

Bones Mended

Shoulders Repaired

Trusted By

All Dallas area high schools, and select/club sports teams

The Best Techniques + The Best Technologies

J. Scott Quinby MD. is continually trained on the latest techniques in sports medicine focused orthopedics. Additionally, he has the absolute best medical technologies available at his fingertips. At Quinby Orthopedics, we combine the best techniques and the best technologies because we know you’ve worked so hard to compete. We’ll get you back in the game.