Kids play hard and sometimes they get hurt

We put them back together

We Get Kids Back to Playing Again

Kids are born to play and have fun. It’s natural for them to go hard, but sometimes they get hurt and it’s just as natural for both child and parent to be scared. We know kids often associate medical environments, doctors, and nurses with pain which is why we treat them with special care. We get down on their level and meet them with genuine care and compassion. We remove fear, and get to the business of healing so your child can get back to doing what they do best; play.

Message from J. Scott Quinby MD.

With five kids myself I can appreciate all of the love we feel for our kids, and the fear we feel when something happens to our child. When treating your child I treat them like a person first and a patient second. I listen to them and will often share a similar story about one of my kids. From there I will collaborate with you as the caregiver to come up with the best possible plan for your child. Together we’ll put the plan in action so your child is back to playing in no time.

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How we treat kids


Remove Fear & Provide Comfort


As a team we talk about the problem


Options are presented to the caregivers and a plan is formed


We get your child on the path to healing and playing again

The Best Techniques + The Best Technologies

J. Scott Quinby MD. is continually trained on the latest techniques in pediatric orthopedics. Additionally, he has the absolute best medical technologies available at his fingertips. At Quinby Orthopedics, we combine the best techniques and the best technologies because your child deserves it.