Experience the Life You’ve Earned

You’ve put in all the hard work to get where you are in life, and now it’s time for you to enjoy what you’ve earned. Unfortunately, pain from arthritis, a hurt knee, or a bad shoulder can hold us back from living our best life. This can be very frustrating, but the prospect of seeking medical care to sort out the issue can be equally scary. We understand this, which is why we greet each patient with respect and empathy. We promise to listen as you describe your pain, your concerns, and your fears. We then communicate your options in clear language, and together we’ll chart a path forward. You deserve to enjoy all your hard work, and we will help get back to living beautifully.

Message from J. Scott Quinby MD.

I have been active my entire life, and I personally know what it feels like when an injury holds you back from enjoying life with friends and family. We all get older, and while our mind would like us to think we’re in our 20’s our bodies tell us otherwise. Sometimes this means we hurt our ACL playing town-league basketball or soccer. Maybe we tear our already frail rotator cuff from years of baseball while throwing a full YETI cooler in the back of the truck for a day at the lake. I see stories like this all the time, and it’s very satisfying to be able to help adults deal with these issues, and get them back to living a fully active life. I like to think that you have a lot left in the tank and this is just a short pit stop.

Our 3-Step Process


We Listen

Once you book an appointment we will meet to listen to what you’re going through. Once we better understand your situation we perform any necessary tests, and we schedule any additional tests required to fully understand the complete nature of your problem.

Discuss Options & Form a Care Plan

We clearly communicate the nature of your situation, and then we present appropriate care plan options. You can ask whatever questions you like, and then as a team we form a care plan.


We then swiftly act on the plan to ensure a speedy and safe recovery.

Common Problems Seen & Treated


Arthritis is a very painful experience that can significantly limit our ability to engage with the people and world around us. We have seen and treated many different types of arthritis, and we are well positioned to help you live life pain free.

Knee & Shoulder Replacements

As we live our bodies experience wear and tear that can be very painful, and limit our ability to enjoy life. Knee and shoulder replacement surgery can be a scary experience. However, we leverage the latest devices, computer aided technology, and techniques to ensure consistent successful outcomes.

Shoulder & Elbow Issues

We see a variety of patients with injuries to the shoulder and elbow joints. Sports such as volleyball, tennis, and softball are common culprits in causing excessive wear & tear to these joints over time.

Surgical Approach | We Don’t Start With a Scalpel

Any surgery is a big deal, and should be taken seriously. We endeavour to explore all viable non-invasive treatments (ex. physical therapy) and minimally invasive treatments (ex. injections into the joint) before we think about picking up a scalpel. Surgery is only considered when it truly is the best possible option to help a patient get back to living a full life. Surgical intervention along with all possible risks and outcomes are clearly communicated to each patient in language that can easily be understood. You deserve respect, and we are not interested in talking over your head with highly specific and technical medical terminology. We are interested in treating you like a person we care about, helping you understand your situation, talking through your available options, and then as a team we plot your best path forward. We simply like to exercise a bit of the “golden rule”, and help you get back to living a full life.

experience matters

Older Adults Treated

Knees Replaced

Hips Replaced

Shoulders Replaced

The Best Techniques + The Best Technologies

J. Scott Quinby MD. is continually trained on the latest techniques in joint replacement orthopedics, arthritis, and minimally invasive procedures. Additionally, he has the absolute best medical technologies available at his fingertips including robotic assisted surgery, computer aided navigation, and solutions from OrthoAlign. At Quinby Orthopedics, we combine the best techniques and the best technologies because we know you've worked so hard in life, and you deserve to fully enjoy the fruits of your labor.